Reiki Master Teacher – Usui Reiki Ryoho

Reiki Master Teacher is the highest level of the Usui Reiki Ryoho system. It is also known as Reiki Master, Reiki 3b and Reiki Fourth Degree.

You must already be a Reiki Master Practitioner or Advanced Reiki Training Certificate holder to take this course and have been attuned to the Usui Reiki Master symbol.

This is the Reiki course for you if you are wanting to teach Reiki and pass on this wonderful gift and also if you are simply wanting to increase your Reiki knowledge and experience.

Reiki Master Teacher – Usui Reiki Ryoho  – Reiki training includes:

  • You are attuned to the Tibetan/Reiki III Master symbol and another Reiki Master symbol.
  • You learn how to give Reiki attunements for all Reiki Levels: Reiki I, Reiki 2, Reiki Master Practitoner & full Reiki Master Teacher.
  • You are shown how to give a Healing Attunement.
  • You learn 2 Tibetan symbols, giving a total of six Reiki symbols.
  • You learn to different ways of giving Reiki attunements. Both the Usui system of Reiki attunnement as well as the Usui/Tibetan system of Reiki attunement are taught.
  • You learn how to give yourself an attunement.
  • You practise giving Reiki attunements.
  • You do a guided meditation
  • You are likely to find this class a powerful healing experience.
  • You receive William Lee Rand`s, Usui Reiki Ryoho, extremely comprehensive, Reiki Master Manual.

You will receive a Reiki Master Teacher Certificate, upon successful completion of this course.  

  • Duration: Minimum Two days Reiki Master Teacher Training.
  • Reiki Master Teacher Course – Cost: £325 – (Deposit – £100)

If you are Reiki Level 2 and wish to become a Reiki Master Teacher you can take ART/Master over 3 Days – Cost £525. You will receive a Reiki Master Certificate at the end of the 3 days.

Reiki Master Teacher Courses are held on demand please contact Cath Eckley Reiki Master Teacher for more information. Contact Cath Eckley – Reiki Master here