Reiki, Therapy & Combination Sessions

Reiki & Karuna Reiki 1 to 1 Sessions

A natural healing technique for reducing stress and increasing feelings of relaxation and peace. It can be learnt for self practice and also received from another person in a Reiki Session.

There is no need to remove clothing. It is good for you to remove your coat and shoes. The Reiki practitioner will gently lay their hands on you or if preferred they can treat you just above your body in your aura.

Sessions can be daily or weekly depending on need.

Session Costs:

  • 20 mins of Reiki = £15 (30 mins of time)
  • 30 minutes of Reiki = £20 (40 mins of time)
  • 45 minutes of Reiki = £25 (55 mins of time)
  • 60 mnutes of Reiki = £35 (70 mins of time)
  • 90 minutes of Reiki = £50 (100 mins of time)

Please note that the above times are for Reiki received and a further 10 – 15  minutes must be added to each of the above. If you are a person who likes to “chat” then please say at point of booking and time will be charged at £50 / hour. Combined sessions can be booked at £50 / hour or £25 per half hour. Other session times are available and compassion rates are available if asked for to those on either a low income or not working.

Gift Vouchers available on request.

Reiki Drum Sessions

A combination of Reiki & Drumming giving a powerful sound healing technique promoting inner peace and well being.

Techniques include:

  • Reiki Drum Healing
  • Reiki Drum Mental & Emotional Reprogramming
  • Reiki Drum Journeying – Healing / Guidance / Meeting Power Animals & Guides / Soul Retrieval

Sessions from £60 – £70 for Soul Retrieval at 90 mins of time. Call me to discuss.

Reiki Drum Standard Session, Reiki Drum Guidance Work, Reiki Drum Emotional Reprogramming sessions costed  as for Reiki above. Contact me to discuss.

 Call: 07952995340  / 01253 726222


Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

This simple tapping technique helps you to release unhelpful and unwanted emotions from within the body by/through tapping. There are key tapping areas that help with letting go of emotional baggage from the past that is preventing us from experiencing the most positive life of “now”.

I work with anyone who is wanting to move on from their past and relase some emotional baggage.

Generally with EFT several sessions are required to comletely clear a past issue / event whether that be regarding a relationship, work upset, house move or health situation.

Sometimes as you clear one thing you realize how deep seated the emotional energetic response to the situation is, and appreciate how EFT is helping you to let it go,

Combined Reiki/ Reiki Drum and EFT sessions are avaialble to suit.

Consessions on request.

Life Coaching

Empower Yourself and move forward faster with powerful goals that will alter you life. Life coaching is not for the faint hearted as change is inevitable for all who work to achieve thier goals and use the affirmations. I work with “LIfe”. All situations are considered.

Consessions on request.


Call: 07952995340  / 01253 726222


NLP Sessions  – available one to one and in small groups

  • NLP One to one session   
  • Consessions on request.

Group costs on request

 IEMT Sessions – Integral Eye Movement Therapy –

A great change therapy clearing emotions

Contact me to discuss


Combined Sessions

Combined Sessions (Involving a combination of the above therapies) – Are available at £50 / hour for 2 or more sessions paid for in advance. The Reiki element will be charged at the Reiki rate.


Distant Reiki Healing Sessions 


Distant Healing is available for people and animals world wide on request.

  • £20 – 1 x 30 minute planned session of distant Reiki healing one to one. 

  • £35 – 1 x 60 minute planned session of distant Reiki healing one to one.

  • £15 is a 3 days within my Reiki Crystal Grid

  • £25 gentle distant healing sending with a crystal for 5days.
  • Distant healing is also available on a tailored to suit your needs basis.

  • Monthly packages available on request and discounted to suit you.

  • Donations accepted for the low waged.

Contact me to discuss –


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Please note: Cancellation of an appointment with less than 24 hours notice and “no show” will incur a charge of £15 or 30% with a minimum charge of £10. All cases will be judged on their own merit and my decision is final. Compassion is always available and the charge may be waived in certain situations.


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