Reiki Drum – The Reiki Drum Technique – Lancashire

Reiki Drum is a fabulous Reiki sound healing technique that combines both Reiki & drumming. The beat of the drum is the means by which Reiki enters your energy field.


To take this Reiki Drum Practitoner course you need to have already completed Reiki Level 2 and have a certificate of completion.No musical experience or knowledge is needed to learn the Reiki Drum technique and a hand drum is provided for you.

You will learn some great techniqnues on this Reiki Drum Technique course, including:

  • You learn “Preparation of Self”
  • You learn how to Create Sacred Space
  • You learn how “Essence” can be used in Space Clearing and Preparation
  • You experience and learn how to “Honouring the Seven Sacred Directions” in a  Meditation Ceremony
  • You choose your Reiki Drum in a small Reiki Drum Selection Ceremony
  • The Reiki Drum Technique explained. What is the Reiki Drum Technique?
  • Scientific Research on Drumming & its Healing Powers is discussed
  • You do a Reiki Drum Journey – Soul Retrieval Technique – Recovering your voice
  • You receive a Reiki Drum Attunement
  • You cover:The Power of Thought
  • You learn about Reiki Drum Healing – Basic Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Drum Healing Session – Practical
  • You learn about the Reiki Drum – Journey Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Journey Session – Practical
  • You learn about the Professional Ethics for Practitioners Code of Conduct
  • You learn how to Intuitively work with Reiki and the Drum – Practical work with symbols
  • You learn the Reiki Drum Mental/Emotional Reprogramming Technique
  • You Give & Receive a Reprogramming Session – Practical
  • You journey to meet your Power Animal
  • You do a soul retrieval journey – Finding your voice.
  • You connect with the unique energy of your own personal drum
  • Teaching the Reiki Drum Technique and Case Study Guidelines are brought to your attention
Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner Fee: £395/£375  (2 Day Course) with Drum / £300 (2 Day Course) bring your own drum

Deposit – £50 –   Includes your own Remo Drum, drum mallet & a Reiki Drum Technique manual & certificate. We accept payment by cash, cheque, credit card, paypal & payment plan. Unless bringing your own drum and drum mallet.

Already have your own hand held drum that you want to use?  Great the price is just £300.

The Reiki Drum Technique Practitioner (Reiki Drum) Course Dates 2014

Contact Cath here to reserve your place  – Courses are held in Lancashire

“Definately recommended” P.C

“I have really loved the whole two days, the pace was just right as was the balance between theory and practice” M. B

“Not only have I learnt the Reiki Drum teachnique, I feel I have had a retreat and made two lovely new friends” J. I

“Hi Cath……I would like to thank you & Andy for making me welcome at your beautiful & tranquil home which was the ideal space to learn Reiki Drum, the course was truly wonderful, with so much more to be learnt to enhance the lovely gift of Reiki, and ………. at the caring and professional way that you teach Reiki Drum with great passion. Thank you once again, I feel very blessed to have had you as my teacher…” P. I.

“It`s a wonderful gift, you learn so much about Reiki & Shamanism & healing. Loads of new knowledge & practical training. Thank you Cath for sharing your knowledge” A. E.

“I found the Reiki Drum course absolutely fascinating & great fun. I enjoyed every minute! Cath is a lovely teacher who gently guides you along all the new ideas – wonderful! ” H.R