Reiki Distant Healing

Distant Reiki for You & Distant Reiki for your Pet or your Horse

Reiki Distant Healing is available on request for both people and animals.

I can do a one to one distant Reiki session,  or I can combine the Reiki being sent, with a crystal for a more continuous sending of Reiki Healing Energy.

I am able to send Reiki Healing Energy to anyone, any animal, anywhere in the world.

Distance is no barrier with Reiki, it can be received by all who want it to assist them.

You can specifiy the time you want to receive the Reiki or I can just send it the choice is yours.

Distant Reiki works holistically on mind, body, spirit and emotions.

It always respects yours or anothers free will, so if you or someone else is not wanting to receive it, it will not work.

There are no guarantees and if you are unwell please see a GP or in the case of an animal please see a vet.

I combine Usui & Karuna Reiki and offer a truly positive Reiki.

Reiki Drum is also available as a distant healing session on request .

Distant Reiki Healing Sessions


Distant Healing is available for people and animals world wide on request.

  • £20 – 30 minute session distant Reiki healing

  • £25 – 45 minute session distant Reiki healing

  • £35 – 60 minute distant Reiki healing

Euro Donations

  • Dollar Donations

    UK Pound Donations

    Distant healing is also available on a tailored to suit your needs basis.

  • Monthly packages available on request.

Contact me to discuss –

Distant Healing with Crystals.

It is possible to receive Reiki distantly in combination with crystals so as to send Reiki continuously for a period of time.

If you would like to go into my Reiki Crystal Grid contact me. I work on a donation basis.

Contact  to discuss your own situation here

Hi Cath u have done an amazing job thank you so much x    S.C

“Cath did a crystal prayer for me before I went to do ivf and continued the prayers for weeks. I had the procedure twice before with no success and several problems that caused canceled cycles midway. I did finally get a positive result after five years, due to Cath’s crystal work. I was told I had  a difficult case to little eggs left and fibroids causing problems. She has helped me, I am happy.    I will come to her the next time we attempt as I want a safe birth. Cath has a true gift.” – Sonia

“…..I`m still working my 2 jobs ….My back hasn`t bothered me much these days. My finances have increased. I still have to work on moving back home….When the universe is ready he`ll let me know and will provide for me to move. If I can I`ll repair my home for the winter and pay for it easily. Since you set up the grid for me I have improved my situation……” Paul – Canada

“Thank you Cath. ………… Grids working great!”   Paul, Blackpool

“There was a period in my life in 2006 where I felt in total upheaval. I had just moved house and was having lots of problems settling into a new job. I was in despair, as nothing seemed to be going well. I told Cath about this and she asked me if I would like her to place me in a reiki crystal grid to send positive energy to the problems I was going through. Being in a situation where I thought there was no way out, I jumped at the chance. Soon after I found that my problems were being resolved one by one. I felt a great sense of relief and I am sure that it was with the help of the positive energy from the Crystal grid. Thanks Cath” 
Lisa, London

Reiki Level 1 Jill W March 2nd 2014 me small   Amthyst & Quarts crystal