Karuna Reiki Master Courses in Lancashire & Cumbria

Taking a Karuna Reiki® course is your next step after Usui & Tibetan Reiki.

You can train in Karuna Reiki® Practitioner and Karuna Reiki® Master in Lancashire.

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Karuna Reiki® was developed by William Lee Rand at The International Centre for Reiki Training.

Used in both Buddhism & Hinduism, Karuna is a Sanskrit word that means “compassionate action” or any action that is taken to diminish the suffering of others.

It is believed that for Karuna (the compassionate action) to have the right effect it must be accompanied by wisdom or “pranja”.

As we become enlightened and appreciate the “oneness” of all, we realize that as we help others we also help all including ourselves.

Karuna Reiki® is a very loving, compassionate, beautiful energy. When you develop it in yourself you help not just yourself but also others.

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By working with Karuna Reiki® and developing it within yourself you are able to work more closely  with enlightened beings. This includes enlightened ones who are physically present as well as those in spirit.

Karuna Reiki Practitioner courses in Lancashire attune you to 8 Karuna Reiki symbols.

Karuna Reiki Master courses in Lancashire attune you to 12 Karuna Reiki symbols.

“It was one of my best experiences with very much love, I feel very blessed. The love and dedication Cath Eckley teaches is one of the best examples as a Master” M. M

“Wonderful attunements & Reiki” A.J

“I was greatly impressed by Cth Eckley as a teacher. I found the Reiki course very uplifting.” C.B

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